Sweet Concentrates Tutorial

Sweet Concentrates Tutorial

There are so many ways to make hash, starting from ice water and coffee filters to CO2 extraction. In our tutorial, we will use a closed loop extractor—a machine designed to grab a certain amount of weed, soak it in a solvent like butane or propane, and then recover the greatest part of the solvent for the next usage. If you are a kitchen chemist or a backyard blaster, you already know the name of this process—open blasting. The type of closed loop system that we use is less wasteful and gives a more qualitative result.

The process of hash creation starts with choosing the product. Good weed means good hash as a result. The bud is loaded into a steel tube that is capable of handling high pressure. Then the air is sucked out of the machine, so that a vacuum seal is created. This process will help put the liquid solvent into the column where under pressure and chemistry the THC, CBD, and the terpenes are reduced into liquid that is collected in the chamber. After the gentle heating, we get a sticky unfinished hash that has to be loaded in the vacuum oven to be purged. The purging process is aimed at getting that last bit of solvent out of the hash by heating and vacuuming. If you want to make cool and clean shatter, take your time and do a good purge.

To get wax, you have to implement an extra step after purging the slab. The main difference between wax and shatter is in their different crystalline structure. Shatter has a clear and shiny look due to its uniform crystalline structure. Wax, in contrast, has a multiphase structure, which means far more chaotic bonds between molecules. To understand it better, imagine an omelet and scrambled eggs. The ingredients are the same—eggs, but the way you cook them is different. Wax is shatter that is intentionally agitated until it loses its structure and turns into one of wax types, like crumble, budder, and others.

Live resin is also made from the same materials as wax and shatter and differs only in the way of making it. Live resin is turned into hash at the beginning of the process, immediately after harvesting. Due to this, we extract more potent hash with a brighter taste.

Next time you are going to get high, be proud of knowing how to make an extract and what are its components.

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