Support cannabis legalization

Support cannabis legalization

Legalization already walks along the country, the first states were Washington and Colorado, but it continues its movement from coast to coast. Supporting marijuana legalization means that you support economic reforms, civil rights and, of course, a society where you are allowed to consume marijuana. Some of you may not know how to show you support in the best way, but you can read some recommendations listed below and make the first steps to support marijuana legalization.

Attend Marijuana Events

If you are living in a state where cannabis is not legalized, there are certainly a lot of activists that coordinate different marches, protests and events. Four twenty event, for example demonstrates large cannabis community, social demand for the legalization of cannabis and the importance of marijuana legalization.

Visit Legalized State

Visit Seattle or Denver—cities where tourists are allowed to consume cannabis. While being in those cities you will feel that atmosphere and will see that the legalization influenced those cities in a positive way. Since the legalization, they became more attractive to tourists and the cash flow increased significantly.

Support NORML

NORML is an organization founded by lawyer Keith Stroup in 1970. For 45 years it has been fighting for the rights of United States citizens who consume marijuana responsibly. For many years they have been lobbing federal and state legislatures and spreading their ideas to the public through the media. NORML’s main aim is to push public opinion to favor legalizing cannabis for grown-ups.

Support Politicians

Nowadays it is easier to find politicians who understand the need for legalization. Keeping them in government is crucial to go forward with the legalization reform. In America a lot of politicians support marijuana legalization, including Jared Polis, congressman (D-Colo.), Cory Booker, senator (D-N.J.), John McCain, senator (R-Ariz.) and many others.

Support by Voting!

Vote! Use your right to change the situation in the country. Every vote is important and yours can be the decisive one. Remember: supporting marijuana legalization does not necessarily mean supporting it with huge sums of money.

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