Summer 2016: Best Weed Strains to Try

Summer 2016: Best Weed Strains to Try

Summer is the best time to try something new, and marijuana is not an exception. We have prepared for you two of the best marijuana strains for summer 2016, so check them out!

The Fruitstand

It has been repeatedly proven that the best cannabis type for summer is sativa as it brings a huge energy charge that is so necessary during this season. Sativa plants are tall and cannot be confused with indicas. The different ratios of molecules in the sativas’ content work perfectly to beat the heat. Some of the molecules, terpenes to be exact, are smell molecules that can mimic different fruit, like lemons, oranges, and apples, or even candies! The aromas alone can bring the smoker pain relief. In combination with THC (the main active component of marijuana that brings the high), the strain may cause significant elevation. So, if you want to forget about all of your problems and enjoy the summertime, choose sativas—the perfect saviors from depression. If you are a beginner, it is better to choose sativas with a low level of THC. Usually, they are outdoor-grown strains. You can probably find pre-rolled cigarettes with such strains at your local dispensary, and their price will surely make you pleased— on average, it is $20 per five-pack. However, if you are an experienced marijuana consumer, we want to recommend you Super Lemon Haze with its high level of THC. Other representatives of the Haze family are Strawberry Cough and All Star Hazy OG. Be careful with Hazes as their effect on you depends absolutely on your intent.

The Gas Station

This summer is also dedicated to hybrids, especially to Gorilla Glue #4, which leads the charts with its potency and trendiness. Other sativa-dominant options from the “fuel” strains include Headband and the Cookies chain’s Gasoline. If you suffer from insomnia this summer, then try the Chem indica strain. The Girl Scout Cookies are gaining even more popularity than before together with Gelato and Sunset Sherbet. All these indica strains have a core of sedation, wrapped in different layers of sativa energy and berry aromas.

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