Strains’ Classification Does Not Really Matter

Strains’ Classification Does Not Really Matter

When talking about cannabis and its effect on your mind and body, it is rather easy to get lost in all those Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids. Moreover, there are some hybrids that have more Indica or more Sativa. So, here are some tips that will help you choose the product with the desired effect. It is well known that Indicas have a sedative effect on the body and help you relax while Sativas effect is described as being full of energy and creativity. Besides, due to their euphoric effect, Sativas are suitable for daytime while Indicas are good for nighttime. Hybrids bring both relaxation and mind stimulation, so they fit both times of the day. Unfortunately, when smokers buy cannabis strains, they base their choice only on this unscientific classification, ignoring other compounds that can create a unique effect. It is rather hard to find a strain that will satisfy your needs, as expectations do not always correspond to reality. According to scientific research, there two main compounds that add uniqueness to the strains and enrich them with incomparable aroma or flavor—cannabinoids (CBD) and terpenes (THC). The terpene and cannabinoid content in the strain is influenced by the growth conditions of the plant. Different amounts of compound stimulate different physical sensations. For example, you have bought the Blueberry strain. You expect it to make you feel calm and relaxed due to its Indica genetics. In fact, it will. But if you know that the Blueberry you bought was grown by the Noble Farms, get ready to have an energetic rush and a clearer mind.

You can see that your decision has to be reasonable and evaluated. You do not have to strain on classification—you just need to know how cannabis compounds interact with each other and create a unique effect. Experienced smokers call it the “Entourage Effect.” So, next time you hear someone saying “It is all about Sativa and Indica,” be ready to answer “Actually, no, it is about the Entourage”.

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