Step-by-step Instruction for Growing Weed

Step-by-step Instruction for Growing Weed

Growing weed indoors may seem rather difficult for the first time. That is why here is a step-by-step instruction for growing weed for dummies. Once you have completed these steps, you can start growing several plants simultaneously and even start to branch out.  

The first step: seeds selection

To have a good harvest, select good seeds of the right kind. The most important thing is to buy the feminized seeds among all the strain types, as only they produce buds, while the male ones do not. Today it is rather easy to buy seeds with the help of Internet, so just choose the time, look through Google, and find a shop!

The second step: container for plants

There is a numerous amount of different containers for weed growing, but for the starters we have got used to recommending a fabric growing pot, as it allows oxygen to get through and reach the plant’s roots.

The third step: soil adding

As you are a beginner, the best choice for you is a commercially made soil for pots. It contains a mix of various minerals to keep the plant fresh, green, and light. Remember that a plant needs nutrients to grow, so when filling the pot, do not pack it down, make the soil a bit fluffy.

The fourth step: seed planting and care

When you plant the seeds, put them not more than 1 inch deep into the soil and do not forget to water them. During the sprouting period, watch out for soil drying and over-watering. Your task is to keep it always moist. As soon as baby leaves appear, give the plant a lot of light. Experts in weed growing usually use LED, which are expensive but effective. For beginners, a 600-watt high-pressure sodium light will be alright. The normal amount of light is usually ensured by approximately 18 hours per day.

The fifth step: plant feeding

To have a huge plant, be sure that it is well watered all the time but not over watered. Plant food has to be used during the whole growing cycle, enriching the plant with the needed nutrients.

Here is the easiest instruction for weed growing you may find in all the Internet. Help yourself and good luck!

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