States to Vote on Legalization of Weed in 2016

States to Vote on Legalization of Weed in 2016

Americans are expecting a record turnout this November as they will not only be choosing the President but also voting on the legalization of marijuana. Six states already have cannabis legalization bills on the ballot. They are Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, California, Florida, and Arkansas. Let us look closer at some of them. Just to remind you, as of today, there are 25 states with legalized weed plus the District of Columbia.


Nevada, or the Silver State of America, has already legalized medical marijuana. In November, the state is going to vote on the law that will tax and regulate marijuana use. This action will end marijuana prohibition and create a regulated system of licensed growers and retailers with a 15% tax on all marijuana products’ sales. Surveys show that more than 50% of Nevadans, 54% to be more exact, support the legalization of weed. That is why it looks like the measure will pass.


In July, the government of California approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) to appear on the November ballot. If it passes, the residents 21 and over will be able to legally possess and use weed. More than that, it will establish an accurate system of distribution and impose a 15% tax. Additionally, it is planned to establish a weight-based tax on marijuana growth for commercial use. Recent surveys show that 55% of residents of California are in favor of marijuana legalization, so the odds are great.


In November 2016, the residents of the state will vote on the right to consume, possess, and cultivate weed for adults. Additionally, there will be a 10% marijuana tax. 55% of residents are in favor of such measure.


In November, the residents of Florida will vote for the legal use of medical marijuana again. We hope that the number of votes will exceed the required 60%.


If the measure passes, the population of Massachusetts 21 years and over will be able to possess and grow marijuana. The expected tax rate is 3.75%, which is the lowest among all states.

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