Squeeze it immediately: 5 reasons to juice your marijuana

Squeeze it immediately: 5 reasons to juice your marijuana

There are so many dietary blogs and sites where you can find a number of fruit and vegetable juice recipes. Bananas, apples, tomatoes easily turn into delicious drinks perfect for any time. One of the most beneficial vegetables, cannabis, also can be juiced into a nutrient-rich beverage. The process of juicing raw marijuana is amazingly simple and fast. It could be very a potent medicine and a tasty nutritional breakfast.

Raw cannabis juice has many advantages over some other vegetables, and here are five of them.

1. Produces none of the usual effects

Like most vegetables, in raw form marijuana contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins and is a non-psychoactive. Heat is required for the conversion of THCA in raw cannabis straws into psychoactive THC, and that is why the juice does not get you high. So if you prefer marijuana without its usual effect, you can add marijuana juice to your daily diet.

2. Can be mixed with other ingredients

Cannabis juice has a very strong flavor and little bit bitter taste, that is why it makes sense to add other vegetables or fruits such as cranberries, cucumbers or even potatoes. You can improvise and try to mix cannabis with some exotic components.

This juice is easy to drink anywhere and anytime: at work, outdoors, in the car. Sometimes it is much more easier to drink than smokes.

3. Allows higher doses

Because raw cannabis juice does not get you high, it is possible to consume much larger doses of cannabis. Therefore, much more beneficial compounds, cannabinoids, can be ingested.

Some doctors recommend juicing marijuana because in this way it is possible to significantly increase the maximum dose of cannabis: from tens of milligrams to hundreds of milligrams.

4. Makes possible to avoid smoking

If you are afraid of the negative effects of smoking, juicing can become a solution. Although marijuana smoke does not cause lung cancer, it can irritate the airways and even lead to bronchitis.

5. Is an effective medicine

On of the biggest benefits is the positive effect marijuana juice has on the endogenous cannabinoid system. It releases antioxidants and energy for the cells improving the brain function.

In conclusion, juicing cannabis is very easy, entertaining and can be good for your health.

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