Smoking Weed Out of Household Stuff

Smoking Weed Out of Household Stuff

Here are a lot of ideas for homemade pipes that we want to share with you.

Homemade Carrot Pipe

The most common instrument for smoking is a pipe made of a plain carrot. There is nothing easier than to turn a carrot into the best homemade weed pipe, but if you do not like the ash flavor in your mouth, then you had better steer clear of the carrot pipe. We rate it 5/10.

Cake Pipe

Is baking your second calling and a perfect way to ignore your everyday duties? If yes, then you have already found a new way of smoking! Now, you are probably thinking it is stupid—it is way easier to just bake the weed into the cake! Well, it is. But where is your sense of adventure? These crazy ideas are what makes your smoking experience memorable! It is definitely one of the coolest ideas, but it has one disadvantage—most of weed smoke escapes into the cake pores instead of your lungs. Anyway, it is the most stylish pipe ever! We give this pipe 6/10.

Xanax Prescription Bong

If you have decided to breathe life into this idea, then do not forget to take the pills out of the vial, otherwise all your Xanax will be wet and covered with weed ash. If you have a long-stemmed bowl, you can angle it downward, pour a little water in the vial, and here it is—the mini-bong is created! We give this pipe 8/10.

A Pipe From a Book

Creating such type of pipe needs a lot of care, time, and willing. All you need is a power drill, a straw, tape, a thick book you have always hated, and free hands! You will feel a lot of satisfaction from drilling a hole in the book that has been sitting on the shelf torturing you for years because you never managed to finish it. You have to put the straw through the book sides and tape the pages close around the edges. The straw will make it easier to inhale the smoke, and the tape will create an airtight seal. We give the pipe 9,5/10, labeling it the most memorable and impressive homemade weed pipe.

Ice Cream Box Pipe

What can make you happier than a huge bowl of ice cream? It is definitely a weed pipe made of its container! Unfortunately, this type of pipe did not manage to earn the title of the best one, as the top of the ice cream pint did not fit tightly, and the smoke kept escaping all the time. So, as it is difficult to truly let go and relax with this device, we give it only 2/10.

The choice is up to you!

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