Smoking Stars: Celebrities Are Also Into Pot-Business

Smoking Stars: Celebrities Are Also Into Pot-Business

Looking how severe the discussion about marijuana legalization becomes, it is interesting to look at the celebrities’ reaction. Obviously, no one wants to suffer the same fate as Chuck Rosenberg, the acting chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration, who recently called medical marijuana “a joke,” and now faces the consequences of his improvidence: a petition to fire him got more than 100,000 votes in just two weeks. It seems that if celebrities ever talk about weed, they prefer to voice mostly positive opinions.

Etheridge as a marijuana wine connoisseur

Etheridge as a marijuana wine connoisseur

Melissa Etheridge is not a typical rock star. She is not a fan of alcohol; she says that alcohol could have ruined her music career so now she is avoiding it. She is not into drug use either. As she said, she prefers to stay sober and enjoy her life without any chemical help. But back in 2004 when the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was marijuana that saved her life.

As Etheridge recalls now the days of her treatment, it was extremely difficult for her to get through the psychological effect of chemotherapy, to understand what, why, and what for all this was happening to her.

The singer became the one to agitate actively for weed legalization because she knows the medical power of marijuana better than anyone. And now, when the most difficult times for her are over, Etheridge has decided to make weed a part of her new business line.

A Grammy Award winning singer started to cultivate a line of “cannabis-infused fine wines.” Because of the law restriction, she cannot put a word “cannabis” on the label, so she sells her product as a “wine tincture.”

Doctors caution about the negative effect that a mix of weed and alcohol has, but Etheridge assures that her wine cannot damage health as it is cold pressed, never heated, and, according to the singer, it does not have a psychoactive effect. That is why Etheridge’s ambition is to sell her wine to nice restaurants, to make it available to the general public.

Bob Marley's family

Leafs by Snoop

Just like Bob Marley’s family that has their own brand of weed production called Marley Natural (apart from buds they also provide cannabis body care line), rapper Snoop Dogg has invested a huge amount of money in his pot business. He launched his new website Merry Jane devoted to marijuana lifestyle and organized a production of his weed brand called Leafs by Snoop.

The singer has never hidden his love for marijuana, and it was quite logical that his start-up would be cannabis-related. Snoop Dogg offers nicely designed packs with eight strains (4 Indicas, 3 Sativas, and 1 CBD). All the marijuana flowers are said to be hand-picked by the musician.

Apart from the smoking marijuana that is provided in packages of 3 sizes, the Merry Jane site offers also medicated snacks, such as drops, fruit chews, peanut butter gems, chocolate bars and gummies. You can see more information about his product in the video below.

MaRihanna or NoRihanna?

MaRihanna or NoRihanna?

While Rihanna’s fans are desperately waiting for her eighth album (and it seems that they have to wait a while longer), the rumors about the release of her other production popped up in the media.

Her statement about the new business venture appeared on 18KaratReggae and immediately spread all over the Internet. The statement was about Rihanna’s cannabis brand labeled MaRihanna. It was expected to appear the next year in four weed-allowing states—Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. It was said that MaRihanna brand will offer buds, edibles and concentrates for pipes and vaporizers in different flavors, such as Jamaica High Grade, Haitian Haze, and Karibbean Kush.

Though Rihanna’s fans believed it would be possible, the idea with MaRihanna has gone up in smoke. The singer’s reps assured the press that the statement was completely false. Her fans were a bit disappointed, as the idea was great and it looked quite real: the singer is known for her support of marijuana legalization, and she also confessed that she liked to consume weed. This kind of business would perfectly fit her entrepreneur image as she is already busy with designing socks and launching beauty agencies.

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