Smoking pot and staying fit

Smoking pot and staying fit

This article is for those who carry about physical health but also like smoking cannabis. At first, words “sport” and “cannabis” seem to have nothing to do with each other, but you should know that some famous athletes are actually smoking cannabis—like Michael Phelps, the holder of 22 Olympic medals.

Here are some reasons why you may try to consume marijuana before or after your training routine.

1. Marijuana raises metabolism.

A well-known fact, that raise of metabolism in your body will lead to a fat burning process. According to medical research, cannabidiol and THCV found in cannabis will help you lose weight and reduce the quantity of cholesterol in your body. In addition to this marijuana smokers have up to 20% lower insulin resistance levels. It means that marijuana can be good for your health

2. Weed kills anxiety and helps focus

A human brain has cannabinoid receptors and after smoking cannabis, THC hits those receptors and that process reduces anxiety. So, instead of sitting on a couch and watching TV you are completely ready to start working on your body.

3. Marijuana contributes to your results

In other words, effects of cannabis help you to become better at the games you like. Playing volleyball or basketball drunk it is not what your teammates expect from you, but after smoking a joint your skills may be improved. You are relaxed and more focused on your moves and on your game.

4. Cannabis helps muscle recovery

The most prominent feeling after a hardcore gym training is the burning pain in the muscles for the following couple of days. Your recovery plan is not another protein shake or a vitamin drink, the answer even closer than you think. Some athletes say that working out being high removes the pain completely.

6. Cannabis gives you concentration

In short, cannabis can help you improve your workout routine, it can put you in a super concentrated condition. Many long-distance runners confess that they have been using marijuana edibles or cannabis vaporizers before running a marathon.

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