Smoking Moldy Weed

Smoking Moldy Weed

Mold weed is something that many of us have probably faced at least once in their smoking experience. That is why you should know that it brings a lot of problems. We are sure that every marijuana enthusiast is interested in protecting their marijuana from mold. In this article, we will present you with some tips that may help you avoid mouldy weed. Remember that mold usually appears in places with a substantial level of humidity; if you live in an area with a dry climate, moldy weed is a rare issue.

Why smoking moldy weed is dangerous

It goes without saying that smoking weed that is covered in mold has serious negative effects on the human health. Moldy weed may cause coughing, headaches, diarrhea, pneumonitis, aspergilloma, and troubles with breathing.

Types of mold

Generally, there are five main types of mold that damage cannabis plants: Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Botrytis, Penicillium, and Mucor. When the mold is just starting to grow on a plant, it is absolutely invisible, but after it has spread all over your cannabis, you can see it with a naked eye. Mold may vary in size, color, and shape, though usually it appears as black spots and gray, yellow or white fuzz.

Why mold appears on marijuana buds

Mold appears in the places with excess moisture and lack of fresh air. The time when mold starts to appear is the period after harvest. If during the drying process the air is too humid, then mold will surely take hold of your crop. Some marijuana growers like using fruit peels to add a specific flavor to their buds and accidentally infect them with spores from the peels. Some black market marijuana dealers use moisture to add weight to weed, but they do not take into account that if a person stores it in airtight containers, there is a high risk of mold. We know that some marijuana smokers even intentionally bury marijuana bricks in the backyard in a belief that such procedure will increase the potency of the strain. All that does is cause mold and make your weed unusable.

How to prevent mold?

To prevent moldy weed, you need to remove the moldy parts, then properly dry your weed and store in a dark glass container.

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