Smoking Medical Marijuana While Breastfeeding: Is It Bad for the Baby?

Smoking Medical Marijuana While Breastfeeding: Is It Bad for the Baby?

All doctors, regardless of the counrty or nation, recommend mothers to breastfeed their babies. There are numerous medical studies that support this recommendation as breast milk provides the newborn with a unique and extremely strong immune system, which he will not receive from unnatural milk. However, mothers who breastfeed and smoke marijuana either to get pleasure or cure some chronic disease, usually ask themselves whether they can smoke weed while breastfeeding.

We have prepared an article, in which you will find the answer to each question, starting from the risks up to the adverse smoking effects. According to the words of Thomas Hale, the co-founder of InfantRisk, mothers have to think carefully about what they eat, drink, and smoke, as all harmful chemicals will go to their babies through the breast milk, in small concentrations, of course, but still. More than that, it is known that drug-dependent mothers literally transmit their dependency to their children, putting it in their system in infancy.

However, more studies still need to be conducted in order to find out how much these harmful chemicals affect the baby. To ensure the normal growth and health of the child, Hale suggests the only thing—to refrain from smoking marijuana, whether recreational or medical, while breastfeeding, at least because the baby’s brain is still on the stage of development, and drugs are the last thing they need. Marijuana can potentially disrupt and damage the brain, so you can only imagine what it will lead to. We have a real story that happened to Carrie Templeton.

While she was pregnant, she had an accident on the stairs, and the doctor prescribed her opioids to kill the pain. But instead of them, the woman decided to use medical marijuana, as it seemed to be a more effective treatment, and she saw no harm to the baby. One day, Child Protective Services caught her smoking pot. During the court hearing, Carrie Templeton seemed addicted despite her declaration about using marijuana to kill the pain. The woman was ordered to stop using marijuana  as it contains THC, the chemical that  clouds a person’s mind.

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