Smokers’ Lungs: Is Smoking Weed Bad for Your Lungs?

Smokers’ Lungs: Is Smoking Weed Bad for Your Lungs?

Consuming weed for recreational purposes is relatively safe when compared to indulging in other substances, like alcohol, cocaine or tobacco. Yet, studies have suggested that smoking cannabis can cause significant harm to your lungs. We have prepared for you a quick rundown of those risks and some ways to avoid them.

Risks of smoking marijuana

Smoking pot is almost the same as smoking tobacco when we are talking about the health of your lungs. Marijuana effects on lungs are significantly destructive. Weed smokers’ lungs are amenable to thermal damage as smoking supposes that hot smoke gets through your airways. It can cause chronic and acute bronchitis or opportunistic infections due to the compromised immune system. The list of potential harmful effects of smoking marijuana also includes air pockets in and between lungs. The most worrying thing is that studies have suggested that frequent and long-lasting marijuana consumption can increase the risk of lung cancer and emphysema.

How it happens

Generally, it works the same way as the smoke from cigarettes. Marijuana smoke comes from burning dry herb, a source of carcinogens and other harmful substances. But the greatest harm to human lungs is brought by tar molecules, which are found in the content of the smoke in large amounts. Marijuana smoke can do everything from scarring your airways to causing cancer or inflaming your lung tissue. All of the above, together with the possibility of developing a mold infection, is wrapped in that joint you are smoking. The harder you toke and the deeper and bigger your tokes are, the higher the level of lung damage is.

How to smoke marijuana safely

If we suppose that the studies are absolutely correct, there is no safe way to smoke marijuana. However, you can always quit smoking cannabis. Joints and blunts contain the most burnt matter; bongs filter your smoke but not completely. As of now, there is no proof that smoking marijuana concentrates or vaping cannabis oils are essentially safer, so if you are really worried about the health of your lungs, you may want to consider switching to tasty weed edibles.

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