Smell Proof Container—One of Most Effective Ways to Hide Smell of Weed

Smell Proof Container—One of Most Effective Ways to Hide Smell of Weed

To some people, the smell of weed brings the feeling of comfort and desire to start an exciting adventure, but for others, it is the worst smell in the world. Whether you decide to have dinner with the in-laws, or take a trip to the store, you need to think about how to hide the smell of weed: either with the help of smell proof containers for weed or some other tricks like those listed in this article.

Smell-proof containers

When your weed is dank, it does not need to be burned to stink up the place. To hide the smell of cannabis, store it in smell proof bags, bottles, or containers. Stash Logix offers a wide range of options to choose from.

Marijuana in the air

Catching the smell of weed in the air at a party or in the street can be a great thing as it means that somewhere near there is a cool marijuana enthusiast just like you. But catching weed smell at home, where your conservative parents live, may have an unpredictable outcome. When the traditional methods, like candles and air fresheners, fail to hide the smell, consider the following ways:

– Use a doob tube, or “sploof.” It is a special homemade device that will help you turn the smell of weed into the smell of fresh laundry. Fill a paper towel roll with fabric soaked in freshener, then simply smoke your weed through it.

– Air purifiers. Another way to get rid of the stale smoke is to use an air purifier that will immediately eliminate the smoke. By the way, with air purifiers, you can forget about smelly carpets, walls, and upholstery.

– Vapes. Vaporizing pens offer not only a unique marijuana smoking experience but also the absence of weed smell. Spend $50 and forget about the fear of being caught smoking marijuana.

– Choose a proper location. Anytime you decide to smoke weed, try to find a well-ventilated area. The smoke will escape somewhere in a moment instead of lingering in the room and on your clothing.

Each of you has many reasons to hide the smell of weed, but no matter what is yours, these tricks will help you hide it with minimal efforts.

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