Skunk Strain Is #1 Among Marijuana Smokers

Skunk Strain Is #1 Among Marijuana Smokers

Skunk weed has gained huge popularity in Europe mostly due to the high effects it offers. Sacred Seed Company was the first company that started to breed skunk strains in the 1970s, and since that time, more and more companies have been developing the new updated versions of this strain. Unfortunately, due to its big popularity, many dealers and dispensaries have a negative effect on the Skunk strain as one can name any strain “Skunk,” and no one would ever know.

As the demand for this strain grew rapidly, marijuana growers tried to cross-pollinate to come up with original Skunk. However, it did not work, and they designed a “so-so” strain. Marijuana dealers often deliberately lie that they offer Skunk just to have a bigger profit. The real Skunk strain is marvelous, and hopefully, you will try it some time and get the unforgettable experience. Modern Skunk #1 is something between Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, and Afghani. By the way, the name of the strain is not accidental.

The plant has received its name for the most amazing aroma you could ever smell. This strain acts as a great encourager and effective remedy for stress, anxiety, and lack of appetite. All three strains that were combined to create the Skunk strain are also amazing. Afghani and Acapulco are indica strains known by every smoker, while Columbus Gold is a great representative of sativas. Now imagine them mixed together! A promising combination, right? Just like other popular hybrids, Skunk strains are usually grown indoors.

Generally, this strain does not have a definite location because it was derived artificially, unlike the Landrace strain. In the UK, all good cannabis is named Skunk. So if you have a great experience smoking some good weed after been told it is Skunk #1, do not fool yourself—it was some another good strain. To differentiate original Skunk from a false one, remember that the real Skunk has an extremely sweet earthy taste and a strong aroma.

The world is full of many great strains, but Skunk #1 deserves special attention. So, if you will ever have a chance to get it, do it without even thinking twice!

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