Size Matters: Joints vs Blunts vs Spliffs

Size Matters: Joints vs Blunts vs Spliffs

Jack Nicholson, a world-famous Hollywood actor once said that only the replacement of a bad habit with a better one can break it. He used this phrase to explain why he switched from the regular tobacco cigarettes to cigars. It looks like most marijuana users have the same opinion and prefer blunts over joints. If it surprises you, let us show you the main difference between them. Just keep reading.


A blunt is a “cigar” filled with marijuana.

The name “blunt” originates from the Philadelphia cigars’ brand. The blunts look just like tobacco cigars but have one significant difference—in contrast to cigars, blunts contain marijuana. And if you are still not sure what to choose, take a closer look at these four differences between a blunt and a joint before you make a decision.  So, let’s review the joints vs. blunts debate.

Joints vs blunts

A joint is, basically, a rolled cannabis cigarette.

A joint is, basically, a rolled cannabis cigarette.

1. Size. When it comes to a blunt vs. a joint, the latter has zero chances because the blunts are much bigger than joints. So, when you choose a blunt over a joint, you have much more marijuana to smoke. But do not rush, especially if it is the first time you try smoking a blunt.

2. Flavor. The blunts and joints have a different flavor due to the differences between the paper they are rolled in. The blunts are rolled in the tobacco paper which is a bit thicker than a regular smoking paper and add a special flavor to your favorite weed.

3. Price. The blunts are more expensive, comparing to joints but don’t you think that it is better to spend more money and get a longer experience than to be greedy and unsatisfied? Besides, when you decide to share your pleasure with other people, for example at a party, is it not better to have a long-lasting blunt instead of a smaller joint?

4. Look. The blunts have a more restrained look similar to cigars, so it is easier to disguise it in public. But you better keep in mind that smoking weed in public is still illegal in some states.

smoking a spliff

A spliff is filled with a mix of marijuana and tobacco.

Spliff vs joint

If you are a great enthusiast of smoking joints and want do not want to betray your preferences, try smoking a spliff instead of a blunt. Never heard of it? That is OK. Honestly speaking, a spliff is something between a joint and a blunt. This way, the spliff vs. joint dichotomy is similar to what we’ve discussed hereinbefore. The only thing different is the way the spliff is rolled. In order to create a spliff, you need to mix both tobacco and marijuana and roll them in a traditional rolling paper. The spliff may give you a completely different, unique and even surprising experience that you will never get with your regular blunts or joints.

No one can say for sure if Jack Nicholson, the proud user of marijuana, preferred blunts over joints. But the fact that he loved cigars so much lets us assume that size does matter, and when it comes to marijuana cigarettes, bigger means better.

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