Six Rumors About Cannabis

Six Rumors About Cannabis

If you have friends that constantly give you a hard time about smoking weed or try to lecture you, do not give up. Here are six marijuana myths that the world experts have shattered! Be smarter!

Marijuana is a dangerous drug

Famous British psychiatrists D. Nutt and R. Weissenborn assure us that comparing to marijuana, alcohol is more than twice as harmful to the user and five times more harmful to the society. This has been proven by numerous studies  of the most dangerous health and social harms in the UK.

Hard drugs use is the next stage after cannabis use

Nowadays, it is not a surprise that the users of hard illegal drugs started their addiction with marijuana. But it is wrong to say that marijuana use leads to harder drugs. There is no evidence to the fact that weed is linked to any another drug.

Cannabis legalization increases crime rates

The results of studies in Washington and Colorado, the states where medical marijuana is legalized, show us the decline of frequency of violent and property crimes a year after marijuana retail businesses were opened in 2014.

Cannabis causes extremely high addiction

Here are the addiction rates of different drug users proven by a study of American researchers: 9%—marijuana users, 15%—people who use cocaine, 24%—heroin consumers.

Marijuana legalization will lead to a generation of drug addicted teenagers

In their research, professors from the University of Washington prove that medical marijuana legalization has not increased the amount of used cannabis and other drugs among high school students.

In fact, according to the official statistics, medical marijuana legalization led to a slight decrease in the popularity of marijuana among 12- to 17-year-old children.

Those who smoke marijuana will become heavy users

As it is shown in various studies on the topic, approximately one-third of all cannabis users consume it only 10 days and fewer per year, 50% of users smoke it 12 days and fewer per year, and only 20% of users, which is six million Americans, smoke it almost daily.

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