Simplest Way to Clean a Bong

Simplest Way to Clean a Bong

Looking at your bong and not recognizing that sparkling beauty that you bought a few months ago? The resin buildup is terrifying you? Do not know how to get rid of dirt in all those twists and turns in your bong? Do not panic! Below is a step-by-step instruction of how to clean a weed bowl and the rest of the components and bring a new life to them.

1. Prepare the bong

First of all, find a deep sink. Then take alcohol solution and coarse salt. Do not forget to plug the holes with something, for example, hand towels or cotton balls. Fill your bong with hot water to make the resin pliable. Then fill the bong with alcohol solution together with coarse salt.

2. Have some extra time?

At this stage, you have to decide whether you can endure not smoking for some time. If you can, add more alcohol and leave your bong like that for one night. If not, keep reading.

3. Shake, shake

If you want to clean your bong right now, then start shaking it with the alcohol and salt inside! Make sure you have plugged the holes carefully. The salt acts as an abrasive, so even the tough spots will disappear.

4. Rinse and repeat

As soon as you have finished shaking the bong, run warm water through the bong. Do it properly because otherwise salt and alcohol will spoil the taste of weed smoke.

How to keep the bong clean

You have put a lot of effort into cleaning the bong, but do you know how keep it clean? Use these tricks to keep the bong fresh for a long time.

1. Use only fresh water

Do not let the water in your bong stagnate. The best option is to store the bong without water in it at all.

2. Lemon Juice= Fresh Bong

Many smokers have tried to add pure lemon juice to the bong water to keep it fresh. And you know what? It works! Besides, this way, the weed smoke will acquire a delicious citrus flavor! Lemon juice consists of active enzymes that can break down the resin and prevent the appearance of mold on the bong’s walls. Caution: add just a few small drops of lemon juice to the water, otherwise you will spoil your smoking experience.

Now you are a master of bong cleaning!

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