Simple Smoking Appliances You Can Make by Yourself

Simple Smoking Appliances You Can Make by Yourself

Everybody knows the most common way of consuming cannabis—smoking. But there is more to try besides it. These additional—or, as they are usually called, optional—methods avoid smoking joints, blunts, and spliffs rolled in the traditional way and concentrate on chewing weed and tapping some specially designed smoking appliances such as homemade bongs, homemade weed pipes or vaporizers.

A true marijuana fan who does not have an opportunity to smoke pot in a conventional way will always show their creative side and find a way to get high, even when no smoking devices can be found around. That is why to become a resourceful smoker you need to know how to turn almost any simple household product into a brier. If you smoke weed, it is necessary for you to get some useful information about the devices that exist in pot smoking besides the common industrial appliances. So let us tell you about the most common homemade smoking pipes that my be unfamiliar to you.  

Homemade Pipes

The most common and the most classic device known to the majority of smokers from their high school years is an apple pipe. It is very easy to make, and what is even more important, the process requires no sophisticated instruments. All you are going to need is the stuff that you could  have found in your school bag—an apple, a pin to make several tiny holes (it can be a skewer, a toothpick, a clip, or a wire), and a pen. The instruction you have to follow is the simplest thing ever: remove the apple’s stem and create some slots to connect the top of the fruit to the middle of it. After that, grab a pen and make a hole in the side of your apple and continue piercing the fruit halfway to its center. The tiny holes and the recently made slot must meet. Then the pen has to be turned into a mouthpiece – just clean it and put it back into the same sized hole. The top of the apple will serve you as a bowl. Here you are—a weed smoker with a fresh, newly made apple brier. Also, you can make a candy pipe at home with almost no effort. A candy pipe works completely the same as an apple pipe does. The difference is that you will need a soft candy instead of an apple used as the main construction’s reservoir. Strain the candy and make it rectangular, then make a hole inside of the sweet with any kind of pin. To do it right, you have to remember that the hole must not go through the whole candy: make it three-quarters long and stop. Then you have to make another, a little bit smaller hole, that should go from the top to the previously made hole: they have to meet inside. Make the top hole wider because you will use it as a bowl in future. After it is all done, you will have to put some weed in the bowl, then light it up and relax, enjoying a nice juicy or a delighting sugary smoking session.

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