Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

A group of British MPs claims that cannabis should be legalized because of its great therapeutic value. They state there is evidence that cannabis helps people deal with chronic pain and different psychological disorders, like anxiety and deep depression. However, the Home Office still classifies cannabis as a harmful drug that damages the mental and physical health of the users. The cross-bench group says that nowadays, tens of thousand of people illegally use marijuana to treat their medical conditions. More than that, it wants the government to reclassify cannabis from Schedule I drug to Schedule IV. The MPs group took evidence from 623 patients and experts on marijuana regulation in Europe, the UK, and other countries. The report shows that weed plants contain more than 50 chemicals that affect people in different ways. The BBC points out that NHS warns people of the risks of using weed like inability to drive, impairing fertility, and damaging unborns. Here are you will find some benefits of legalizing marijuana opposed to its disadvantages.

Pros and cons of weed legalization

Pro: The logical consequence of a drug war is the appearance of new drug addicts.

Since 2008, in the UK cannabis has been classified as a Class B drug and carried imprisonment for up to five years for possession. However, such measures are considered to be of harmful influence on individuals. The marijuana users who were never caught have a better chance of keeping away from the addiction, and evidence from the experience of other countries supports this opinion.

Con: Weed legalization would create addicts.

Kevin Sabet, the opponent of marijuana legalization, claims that it will only cause more problems. Last year, in his interview with The Guardian, he said that the current legal regulation would cause uncontrolled masses of new addicts. He is convinced that what the society really needs is a new smart law enforcement together with demand reduction.

Pro: Weed is good for economy

In Jamaica, one of the main arguments for weed legalization was the economic factor. Becoming the largest supplier of weed brought billions to the country’s budget. Additionally, money comes from taxes on selling it. This surely means that legalizing marijuana would be beneficial for the economy.

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