Many people who do not grow pot wrongly consider sensimilla weed as a particular strain. But, in fact, it is just a form of marijuana with a higher THC content. The term “sensimilla” comes from two Spanish words “sin” and “semilla” meaning “without” and “seeds” respectively. So, translated from the Spanish language, the term “sensimilla” means “no seeds.”

Sensimilla definition given in the Urban Dictionary says that it is “a highly potent form of marijuana, in which the end, smokable product contains no seeds.”

In order for a female cannabis plant to produce seeds, it is necessary for this plant to be fertilized by a male one. If it does not happen, then a matured female plant will produce no seeds but only a big amount of resin containing a high THC level.

So, one can say that sensimilla is an unfertilized female cannabis plant. As the plant produces buds having no opportunity to turn into seeds, its harvest contains a higher concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol.

It is well known that THC can cause such effects as hallucinations, euphoria, increased sociability, and many others. The higher percentage of THC the plant has, the stronger its effects on a person are. It is the reason why many people are eager to grow sensimilla plants. But these plants are rather rare as until fertilized they are unable to reproduce.

Sensimilla can be grown outdoors. But the grower needs to create greenhouse conditions and use hydroponic techniques to prevent the plant’s fertilization. The matter is that without these techniques male marijuana plants can easily fertilize a female plant growing in the open air. So, it is better to cultivate sensimilla in the house to avoid the risk mentioned above.

The content of tetrahydrocannabinol in sensimilla is about ten or more percent. By using hydroponic techniques, the THC concentration can be increased up to twenty or thirty percent.

One can add sensimilla to tobacco and smoke it as a ‘spliff’ or just smoke it on its own. Sensimilla can also be smoked using a water pipe.

Smoking sensimilla can cause such effects as:

Increased appetite
Strong awareness of textures, sound, and color.

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