Secrets of Creating Cool Weed Pipes

Secrets of Creating Cool Weed Pipes

Let us take a look at the three possible and easy variants of creating outstanding weed pipes and bongs.

The first thing you should take is any container that will serve you as a bowl. It is important that its material is non-toxic; aluminium foil is not acceptable as it may harm your lungs. The container should be cone-shaped, for instance, a stainless steel socket. It is metal, that is why it will not produce toxic elements when you heat it.

Our first homemade pipe is considered a reliable classic option. It is effective and easy to make. First of all, it is necessary to take an apple and remove its stem. After that, you need to make several holes in the top of the apple using a pen. Then you have to make another hole in the side of the apple and connect it to the top one in order to create a channel. The pen can also be your mouthpiece. Also, make sure your channel is clean and empty. After you finish with all the constructing, add a few pinches of your weed and start smoking!

The next variant is another representative of the classics. You need to take two plastic bottles: one should be smaller than the other one. In order to make this pipe, you need to remove the top part of the bigger bottle and put the smaller bottle in it. After that, you need to make a hole in the cap of the smaller bottle or take the cap off completely. Then you should fill the bigger bottle with water so that it is 70-80 percent full. Finally, you can add some weed to your homemade pipe and enjoy your smoke.

A useful tip: lift the small bottle out of the bigger bottle gradually, this way the bottle will be completely filled with smoke. After you almost take the smaller bottle out of the water, remove the bowl and immediately inhale, this way you will not let any smoke escape.

The third cool weed pipe is a candy pipe. The operating principle is similar to the apple pipe. The candy should be soft. Two holes are requiredone from the top down and another one from the candy’s center, to make a tunnel. The primary hole at the top can be bigger, in this case, it will be much easier to use your bowl. After all the preparations, light up your weed and try out your juicy pipe!

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