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  • 7 Best Weed YouTube Bloggers

    7 Best Weed YouTube Bloggers0

    There are thousands of cannabis enthusiasts in the world. If you are a passionate weed smoker, you might want to widen your knowledge and find out something new for making your cannabis usage even more awesome. YouTube is here to help! Below, there are seven most popular weed YouTubers to follow.

  • 4 Tips On What to Do If You Smoked Laced Pot

    4 Tips On What to Do If You Smoked Laced Pot0

    Buying cannabis from shady dealers is always dangerous. You cannot be sure that you are purchasing pure and safe herb with no harmful additives. While most coffee shops and dispensaries usually guarantee the quality of their products, weed that is laced with amphetamines, molly, cocaine, or even laundry detergent still does exist. In case you’ve

  • How to Find Out Whether You Have Weed Allergy

    How to Find Out Whether You Have Weed Allergy0

    About 36 million people in the U.S. are unfortunate enough to have a cannabis allergy. After coming in contact with the herb, they experience respiratory or inflammatory effects that manifest themselves similarly to hayfever. Although red eyes after weed consumption are common, cannabis allergy may also cause watery eyes, runny nose, breathing difficulties and, in

  • 7 Tips for Hiding the Smell of Pot

    7 Tips for Hiding the Smell of Pot0

    The smell of cannabis is recognizable by most people. Although you might like its relaxing and comforting odor, there are some situations when the aroma of weed is undesirable. Below are seven tips that will help you mask the smell of pot.

  • How to Avoid Using Synthetic Cannabis

    How to Avoid Using Synthetic Cannabis0

    Spice and K-2 are the most common names for synthetic marijuana. You have probably heard some of the terrible stories about K-2 and its impact on people’s health. Since cannabis is a profitable business segment, many companies and entrepreneurs are trying to create something resembling pot. However, synthetic marijuana is known for causing numerous serious

  • Do You Need to Stop Smoking Pot When You Are Sick?

    Do You Need to Stop Smoking Pot When You Are Sick?0

    Most cannabis users are aware that weed can be helpful in treating a large number of ailments. The herb is often used as a natural medicine for numerous conditions, from a common headache to muscle strain, helping people get significant pain relief. But what about catching cold or the flu? Do you need to stop