Save Money and Make Your Own Weed Pipe

Save Money and Make Your Own Weed Pipe

Imagine this: you have found yourself in possession of a huge bag of weed but have no way of smoking it. Let us say, you have run out of rolling paper, or your best friend has smashed your pipe, or maybe vikings stormed through your house and stole it. When something like this happens, do not panic and lose hope. A lot of people have gone through the same situation before you and have left a heritage of methods of constructing your own pipe and even your own homemade bowl for weed. Look around. There are dozens of things that you may theoretically use in your smoking process. Here are four essential tips you need to consider before making your own pipe.

1. To be able to channel smoke, the used object must be hollow.
2. Make a mouthpiece. It is a hole that connects to the chamber and the place through which you will inhale.
3. Make sure there is a bowl. You may use any surface of the item that a nugget will sit on. Besides, it must be able to keep the cannabis stable enough, and it must be connected to the chamber as well as perforated to let the smoke pass through.
4. To make your pipe better, make another hole in the chamber, the carburator. That will create a vacuum effect as you fill the chamber with smoke.

As you can see, the requirements are not very sophisticated, which means that a lot of things can be turned into a pipe. For example, you may use some kind of fruit, a book, a candy, or a pen. It may sound strange, but it is really possible.  An empty soda can will also do the trick. The things is, if you really want a hit of your favorite strain, you will always find something you can use to smoke it. Real weed enthusiasts can turn just about anything into a pipe—a water bottle, a Pringles container, a carrot, a potato, and many other things. That is why we can say that there are no actual rules. All you need is great desire, an open mind, and a little inspiration. If your homemade pipe does not turn out the way you wanted it to be the first time you make it, do not worry. It is totally normal—this skill needs practice just like any other one. Just try again or ask a friend to help you, and we are sure you will quickly get the hang of it!

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