Sativa vs. Indica: Let the Battle Begin!

Sativa vs. Indica: Let the Battle Begin!

Scientists claim that there are no essential distinctions between Sativa and Indica. But weed consumers are sure that the difference in quality and the “high” effect is obvious. So, to make things clear, here is the characteristics comparison of Indica and Sativa.

Difference #1: Origins

The motherland of Cannabis Sativa is Thailand. Also, there are many plantations in Mexico and even Jamaica. By the way, Mexico is renowned for the perfect climate conditions for cannabis.

Many Indica varieties arrive in Europe from Central Asia: Nepal, Northern India, and Afghanistan.

Difference #2: Appearance

Given the same conditions, Sativa and Indica behave in different ways. It is very easy to distinguish them from the very first sight.

Sativa leaves are narrow, and their smell is less striking than Indica’s. Their large buds are located all along the branch, they do not cluster near the nodes. But dried leaves weigh less than Indica’s  because of the lower level of density.

Indica’s buds are heavy, very stocky, and compact. Internodal space is relatively small as buds tend to cluster together. Dried Indica is remarkable for its fragrance.

Difference #3: Flowering and Gaining Height

It takes 1,5-2 months for Indica Cannabis to bloom. Sativa’s flowering period varies from 2 to 3 months. Just imagine: Sativa Cannabis can gain more than 300% of its vegetative height during the period of blooming while the stocky Indica gains from 50% to 100%.

Difference #4 (the most interesting one): Effect after consuming

The magic of Sativa can make you feel very-very high. This effect can be described as energetic, creative, or enormously giggly. That is why this plant is appreciated by weed-lovers so much. Sativa also does not make a consumer feel sleepy after a smoking session.

Cannabis Indica works in a different way. It makes a smoker distracted from troubles, fears, and the boring daily routine. Unusual feeling of careless relaxation encourages many hard-workers to try an Indica joint. It sedates your body and brings peace to your mind, but later, users usually want to take a nap for a couple of hours.

Now you can amaze your friends with the encyclopedic knowledge of weed botanics. To sum up, Sativa is the perfect energizer and giggle-maker, and Indica is suitable for calm and cozy evenings in the circle of close friends. So, it is up to you what cannabis to choose for your special occasions or everyday relaxation after work.

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