Sativa & Indica: How to Differentiate Between Them

Sativa & Indica: How to Differentiate Between Them

OK, so you have bought marijuana but do not know what to expect from it and where to look for the indica & sativa difference. Well, here is a great guide that will answer all of your questions about these marvelous cannabis plants. Enjoy it!

Live plants

When you are looking at live plants of marijuana, trust us, there is nothing easier than to tell them apart, of course, if you know what you are looking for. Here are some tips that may help you differentiate indica from sativa at first sight. Sativas are much taller than indicas and have extremely thin leaves. Besides, unlike sativas, indicas are more sparse and have larger spaces between branches. In contrast, indicas are quite short, and their leaves are rather fat. In the right conditions, sativas can grow into trees, while the limit of any indica is the form of a bush. During the flowering cycle, indicas usually triple in size, unlike indicas, which increase their vegetative growth by only 100%.

Dried buds

It is much more complicated to differentiate the plants when they are dried out, but it is still possible. Once you are familiarized with the main features of each type, you can make a professional and accurate conclusion. Sativa buds are usually long and thin, with wispy hairs. However, despite the size, sativas usually weigh less than indica buds. The reason is that sativa flowers are not as compact as indica’s. Deep red or even orange coloring is the sign of a sativa plant, while indicas are more likely to express purple coloration. When your plant starts to bloom, pay attention to the flower. In case with sativas, the flower forms all along the branch, which makes the buds wispy and with lots of hairs. Indicas’ flowers, in their turn, form closer to the nodes along the whole stem. This makes the buds short, squatty, and pretty heavy.

These are only several tips to help you distinguish indica from sativa. Do not try to apply any of these rules to hybrids, as they are absolutely different. To find your perfect type and strain, you have to try different options. But do not worry, a lot of modern indica and sativa strains are truly unique and will definitely bring you a  memorable experience.

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