Rich family donates $30 million on cannabis researches

Rich family donates $30 million on cannabis researches

An Australian rich family donated 33.7 million dollars to the University of Sydney. The program has its own name – the Lambert Initiative, which main goal is to be specially used to research marijuana.

Barry and Joy Lambert, the philanthropists responsible for the Lambert Initiative, made their status in financial management. Their granddaughter, Katelyn, suffered from intense epileptic seizures. Just like many other who tried all traditional variants of medical treatment, Katelyn’s parents were looking for marijuana-based applications after reading of the success stories of other people with the same problems.

Speaking about Katelyn’s marijuana treatment Joy says that desperation was so big and just extreme measures gave results. No one expected Katelyn would go to preschool.

This family with unlimited access to best medical institutions, specialist, modern technologies and even they were forced to buy medical cannabis on a black market to help Katelyn. How long parents have to make dangerous actions to buy a cure for their children, before politicians understand all the gravity of the situation?

Loving parents are becoming new superheroes for their children. It just reminds me of some kind of post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, where people are trying to stay alive and are fighting for a food or water for their children. Would a parent for the package of stolen food spend few years behind the bars or it’s going to be worse?

The main goal is not only donations, but to bring some unity to the university’s marijuana research as well. To unite three top researchers (people who know that cannabis got all the necessary factors to become next valuable discovery in the world of medicine) together under one roof.

Speaking about cannabis research, Premier Mike Baird said that it is an important thing not only in our country but in the whole world.

Of course Australia much more ahead comparing to the USA. May be bruised national ego can be stimulation that put the USA on the one place with Israel and now government of Australia started exploration of marijuana. Will the rival spirit of America and the willing to be the best eventually be that final stumbling-stone needed to revise their own interests and to look at the cannabis from the other side?

We need those changes to stop thinking that marijuana treatment is an “extreme measure”. The term “extreme measure” suggests that the end justifies the means. The only risk in giving non-psychoactive CBD drops to epileptic children is that it cannot work. There’s no any side effects and any danger with application this medicine (CBD oil can be mixed with any juice so child can consume it safely).

The only thing that makes marijuana treatment an “extreme measure” is the illegal status of the product. As is usually with marijuana and cannabis there are some problems to organism from the cannabis plant, but legislation which regulate it can be quite harmful to your life

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