Research Shows Daily Marijuana Consumption Beneficial for Chronic Pain Treatment

Research Shows Daily Marijuana Consumption Beneficial for Chronic Pain Treatment

Since prehistoric times, marijuana was one of the best natural ways of chronic pain treatment. People found out how it influences body and  mind and used it up to 19 century. Than it turned out that marijuana and some other natural plants extracts might be causing addiction. Since that time, the use of such kind of medications was highly restricted, and marijuana mainly became a commodity for drug-dealers. But with the development of medicine and the aspiration to increase the quality of seriously ill patients’ lives, marijuana can once again become a  legal medicine.

Recent research conducted in Montreal on medical marijuana use shows a huge positive impact it has on patients with non-cancer chronic pains. The scientists observed the health of 216 medical cannabis consumers, who received a daily standardized dose of 12.5 percent THC, and 215 members of the control group (patients, who continued to take their controlled medicines, like morphine and some others). According to the results of the study, the cannabis group patients did not show any of the terrible side effects many physicians are so afraid of.

On the contrary, the cannabis consumers reported a decreased number of pain attacks or a noticeable decline in the pain intensity, sometimes to the point of full elimination. Many patients have experienced sufficient night sleep, which was impossible during the controlled medication. Also, the full research report that appeared in the Journal of Pain informs on the absence of severe adverse changes in blood, pulmonary functions and cognitive skills after a year of daily cannabis consumption.

As for the personal experience, many patients from the cannabis group point out positive changes in the quality of their night sleep, absence of nightmares, more energy during the day and an overall increase in the life quality. Investigators noted an increased risk of experiencing “mild or moderate” adverse events, such as a cough, dizziness and paranoia. Though, study authors find this risk insignificant in comparison with the huge positive impact medical cannabis consumption exerted upon chronic pain patients.

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