Republicans block changes that would give an opportunity to conduct marijuana studies on a federal level

Republicans block changes that would give an opportunity to conduct marijuana studies on a federal level

A few days ago an amendment was presented in Congress that allows conducting marijuana researches on a facilitated procedure. Now cannabis is a Schedule I material in federal government that’s why cannabis researches not that simple. The main aim of this amendment was to change the category of marijuana, thus it will help to remove obstacles that stand in the way of researches. This amendment was designed in collaboration with marijuana contradictor Andy Harris, which gave the hope that amendment would be adopted. But in the House of Representatives Republicans did everything possible to put down the legislation. The Washington Post states that:

Not a secret that a person can buy medical cannabis almost in half states of the country, even one state carried by the Republican in all four elections has legalized cannabis. And hundreds of veterans are requiring an access to medical cannabis to relieve from post-traumatic stress.

House Republicans refuse to support society and activists. The same situation was with the issue of the requalification of marijuana, they did not allow to conduct scientific and medical researches on a federal level, and to find out all the characteristics of the cannabis as a medical remedy.

The amendment is an important step as it would involve the Drug Enforcement Administration and the National Institutes of Health to cooperate and research the positive characteristics of cannabis that can help in treatment of such diseases like cancer, disseminated sclerosis, attention deficit disorder, epilepsy and other.

Are Republicans afraid of something? What if after those researches the truth comes out and they will be ashamed? If so, they are going to be the main enemies of the unique cure. What a silly situation when politicians deny to support cannabis reform because of lack researches. They are a major barrier on the way to such researches. All the marijuana opponents are using the same methods for years and decades. Meantime patients continue to suffer and people get arrested for growing a product that is in 100 times safer than alcohol.

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