Rehab Center to Use Marijuana for Treating Addiction

Rehab Center to Use Marijuana for Treating Addiction

The social stigma on marijuana as a “gateway” drug has already been dispelled by the success of the weed industry and countless reports of patients who improved their condition through marijuana consumption.

Taking these stories into account, a rehab facility is now considering marijuana as a promising option for treating drug addiction.

High Sobriety is a rehab center located in West Los Angeles. It treats people suffering from drug and alcohol dependence. It has recently announced that its patients will be offered a marijuana-inclusive treatment.

Providing the herb to addicts is a new approach to the traditional treatment of dependence. The common practice of rehab centers is complete abstinence from all substances and alcohol, but High Sobriety believes that marijuana will make the addiction treatment more effective.

The rehab center has a goal to reduce the risk of death from drug consumption. Unfortunately, most street drugs like heroin or cocaine have their lethal dose. Alcohol is a “gateway” drug and the most dangerous substance among all known.

In contrast, there is no lethal dose of marijuana for people. During the addiction treatment at High Sobriety, patients will eliminate the use of drugs with a lethal dose and take marijuana, which does not have a fatal dose and leads to a significant improvement of their conditions.

Joe Schrank, the founder of High Sobriety, suffered from drug and alcohol addiction 20 years ago. After his recovery, Schrank created this rehab center to help other people. He also shares his experience of addiction recovery in various television programs and even appeared on TEDx Talk in 2013. While many have been told that marijuana is a “gateway” drug, Schrank believes that the herb is an exit drug.

However, such approach of the rehab center has received shocking feedback from other experts who also treat people with drug dependence. Dr. Howard Samuels expresses his concerns that marijuana use can negatively affect the emotional stability of young users.

In addition, Dr. Lara Ray, a psychology professor at UCLA, states that there is not enough scientific evidence that marijuana can treat drug dependence. Moreover, she is concerned that people who are already susceptible to substance abuse can just replace their addiction with another one—marijuana.

The marijuana industry is a new developing area, so it needs time to prove that the herb is effective in treating addiction. Hopefully, such rehab facilities as High Sobriety will provide evidence demonstrating that marijuana is not a “gateway” drug and can be really helpful for recovering alcoholics and addicts.

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