Regulate marijuana campaign may bring 40$ million for Arizona educational programs

Regulate marijuana campaign may bring 40$ million for Arizona educational programs

A campaign named Marijuana Like Alcohol argues that marijuana legalization in Phoenix, Arizona can generate up to $40 million in further sales taxes per year. This money can be spent on a number of educational projects in the state.

The campaign presented its plan remarking the potential advantages of legalizing cannabis production, sale and consumption. The proponents of this solution emphasized how the legalization process will bring significant financial and other benefits.

Arizona Senator and a member of one of the state elementary schools governing board Martin Quzada shared his view on the funding problem. He mentioned that the crisis influenced the educational sphere depriving it of the opportunity to develop towards the needs of time. The Marijuana Campaign could fill up this missing income amount in the state budget and create stable and regulated revenue flow.

The senator noticed that the cannabis sales will keep taking place in Arizona whether the initiative passes or not. The question is whether the money will be invested in the black market or in the public schools around the state. And here we are talking about several millions of dollars annually.

The idea is to institute a 15% tax from licensed marijuana shops where the products would be available only for adults older than 21. 40% of the additional money collected will be sent to the Educational Department to be used by the schools, in the construction of school buildings and to cover the costs of maintenance and other costs. The other 40% will cover the full-day programs in the state kindergartens.

The teachers who participated in the conference supported the campaign declaring that the prospect of creating a new constant source of revenue is not the only argument in favor of the proposition, but it is a very important one. Some have regarded the question of public safety which could be also partially solved after the initiative passes, as the black market may be replaced with regulated stores that possess a permission to sell marijuana only after asking for identification document.

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