Regional cannabis business summit 2015

Regional cannabis business summit 2015

What can be better than growing marijuana in your backyard? I have been growing marijuana for some time and I am sure, there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and checking plants and then checking them again in the evening after a hard working day. That is not just a hobby or everyday routine it is part of my life and I believe that a lot of marijuana growers will share my views.

Nowadays, with the new marijuana legislation, more and more people are growing weed. At least I know that at least in Oregon people do so because of the recent cannabis legalization. Someone is still looking to start a garden and someone people did it already. But it is important to know that marijuana garden needs to work as a well-oiled mechanism that in future can potentially let you attract clients and expand your business.

The first rule of the marijuana garden is that you need a reliable garden supplier. Ordering production online is easier, but this has its own aspects since you cannot be quite sure if you are buying really high-quality products.

I don’t like visiting local garden supply stores much. Maybe that is because I do not want to overpay or maybe because I do not need lectures from the “experienced” growers who are ready to waste your time telling you what to buy and what to do to harvest the perfect crop.

To learn more about marijuana growing and business, you should visit the 2015 Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit in New York. The event will be held at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in the late September. This event is regional, so it will be directed towards the Eastern part of the country where reform is taking place and the cannabis industry is developing rapidly. Start your own marijuana garden after visiting this summit and consulting with many suppliers and leading experts in the marijuana industry. To get more information visit the official page of the Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit, buy some tickets and learn how to become a proficient cannabis grower.

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