Questions About Weed You Were Ashamed to Ask

Questions About Weed You Were Ashamed to Ask

When a newcomer joins the pot world, they have so many questions and so few answers. A novice consumer is often too afraid to ask an experienced user for help because they do not want to seem stupid or ridiculous. So, this is a list of four frequently asked questions about Mary Jane. Do not know who Mary Jane is? Read the article immediately!

Question #1: What is the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Everything is very easy. Actually, hemp is translated into Latin as ”cannabis.” In other words, cannabis is a scientific name for this crop. Hemp is used for making fabrics, cosmetics, and even building materials!

But, of course, the word “cannabis” has one more definition. It stands for any type of drug substance that is made from some species of hemp. It can be marijuana, hashish, or cannabis oil. Very rich in psychoactive THC, they can make miracles with your body and mind.

As you can see, cannabis (as a drug) is derived from hemp. So, there is no point in having hemp vs weed battles—they are very close relatives.

Question #2: Is there only one strain of marijuana?

Of course not. Weed can be compared to coffee: there are many different sorts of it. Every sort has its own peculiarities. But to make a long cannabis guide short, there are two main groups in the weed family—Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. They are subdivided into many other strains that can affect you in different ways. Some of them are sedative, and others are cheering.

It is impossible to name all cannabis strains, but there are two of them that definitely deserve your attention.

1. Sour Diesel

It is a very widespread strain that is renowned for its strong smell and amazing effect. Nothing can enhance your mood better than this green psychologist.

2. OG Kush

Kush is proud to contain the highest THC level. Experienced consumers claim that it is one of the most powerful strains ever.

Question #3: Who is the mysterious Mary Jane?

So, the intrigue is going to be unraveled right now. Mary Jane, weed, pot, grass, dope, and many others are popular slang terms that mean “cannabis.” They came from the street, where people have a very good sense of humor and imagination.

Question #4: Is smoking the only way to consume cannabis?

Inventive humanity has developed a lot of ways to consume this amazing hemp product. We smoke it, eat it, add it to tea and to special vaporizers, and even use special plasters and creams! But inhaling pot smoke and enjoying delicious edibles are the most beloved ways of consuming weed.

These four facts about marijuana should definitely make things clear for you. Cannabis has many options to offer you, so dare to discover them.

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