Purple Haze Strain Review

Purple Haze Strain Review

The story about Purple Haze’s origin is a bit mysterious and clouded. Many marijuana enthusiasts bind Jimi Hendrix’s song “Purple Haze” to the appearance of the strain. However, it is an incorrect belief, as actually, the star’s song was about the psychedelic effects of such drug as LSD. We just know for certain that Jimi Hendrix is the golden representative of guitarists of all times, and Purple Haze is an excellent old-school strain that is highly appreciated.


Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant strain, a crossing of the original Haze sativa and unknown Purple indica. Some scientists suppose that Haze’s genetics come from Purple Thai, but it is still not confirmed by anyone. But does it really matter?

Taste and aroma

If you look at the Purple Haze strain, you will notice the predominance of green color. It also has a specific feature—a purple shade throughout the plant. The perfectly dried buds have an earthy and sweet smell with delicious hints of purple berry. Some marijuana users report a berry juice flavor with a light earthy aftertaste. Experienced marijuana smokers and medical marijuana users of the Purple Haze strain think that there are other strains with a grape flavor that is even richer than the Purple Haze strain has.

Medical effects

The plants grown from the original Purple Haze seeds are reported to have significant medical effects, including euphoric and giddy feelings. As Purple Haze is a hybrid strain, you should expect both sativa and indica effects. The sativa influence gives many users an energy charge and the desire to do something besides sit on the couch. The Haze influence appears in the couch-locked feeling and severe dizziness in the case of ingesting an incorrect dose. Besides, Haze is often described as an almost psychedelic strain, which means that it provides an unbelievable high. For that reason, many cannabis experts do not recommend using Purple Haze at daytime. Haze is widely used to treat severe pain and different types of depression. Those who are looking for an appetite-stimulating strain should keep searching, as Purple Haze is not suitable for this problem.

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