Puerto Rico Is One Step Away From Legalizing Marijuana

Puerto Rico Is One Step Away From Legalizing Marijuana

We have already witnessed four states legalize medical marijuana: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. So what are the next states to legalize weed in 2016? Lately, headlines have been literally infested with Puerto Rico’s marijuana legalization as a treatment. The idea is based on the extreme ability of weed to help people.

According to current legislation, even first-time law offenders have to pay a fine of up to $5,000 or spend 2-5 years in prison. The state’s governor Padilla has spoken in favor of legalizing weed in order to decrease the crime level and use the revenue from taxes to reduce the $69 billion debt of Puerto Rico.

That was the decision Alejandro Garcia Padilla voiced during his last address to the public.  He stated that in order for this process to be started, the legislators have to approve the bill of 2013 to decriminalize weed. Moreover,  the Health Department of Puerto Rico has recently declared a regulation that allows to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute medical marijuana.

By the way, Padilla is not going to take part in the election in November. We guess that that is probably why he decided to spend his last speech explaining the importance of medical marijuana legalization to people. It rarely happens that the state’s governor is so up-front about issues concerning marijuana prohibition.

Taking into account the strict penal system in Puerto Rico, one may surmise that the state’s jails and prisons are most definitely full of non-violent drug users. The new marijuana policy will give an opportunity to correct the negative repercussions of the War on Drugs that failed so many years ago. Besides, their legalization of medical marijuana will set an example for other countries and the whole world to follow. If the government legalizes the plant, the island will take on a new look, modern and developed. This year, other almost possible candidates of marijuana legalization are Nevada, California, Massachusetts, and Maine.

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