Pro medical marijuana stars Susan Sarandon and ASAP Rocky are going to have a sesh

Pro medical marijuana stars Susan Sarandon and ASAP Rocky are going to have a sesh

Besides many of the medical pros, one of the positive marijuana effects is uniting artists and musicians all around the world whatever diversity and difference in performing genres they have. Many of them support medical marijuana legalization in the USA including the stars of modern hip-hop scene and actors having won Oscar and Golden Globe Awards. The Internet users follow the latest dialogues between Susan Sarandon, noted for ‘Dead Man Walking’, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and 80s comedies, awarded by Academy as Best Actress and noted for liberal activism, with rap singers ASAP Rocky and Bronsolino.

After their albums came to release in 2014, the actress has answered to the rappers as her name was mentioned in one of the hits. Ariyan Asllani, known as Action Bronson used the world famous actress name in his cover on ASAP Rocky track “One Train” from the debut album “Long Live Rocky” in 2013.

Sarandon is known for her cannabis campaign support, she has stated many times that ban of marijuana will lead to problems like lack of medical ensuring, spreading harmful substance and developing the black market. She has called the voters to help with petition in Colorado which had ended up with 55 percent of voters backing up. She has thanked rappers in Twitter for mentioning her name in 2013 hit and has written that she hasn’t had actually clear idea about what they have wanted to say. The Twitter users think it might be a reference to the actress’s interest to cannabis. The response hasn’t taken too long. A moment after there has appeared the Bronsolino’s answer, where he reminds Thelma and Louisa; giving a hint he could be a fan of the Sarandon’s big role in the movie.

Sarandon is proud to join the cannabis movement, taking part in festivals and campaign defending legalization laws. She headlined the festival in San Bernardino along with Currensy, The Pharcyde, and Busta Rhymes to make all types of weed consume including oil and hash available for sale, growing and sharing. ASAP Rocky continues his world tour collaborating with Wiz Kalifa, a hip-hop singer, also famous for his indifference to marijuana use.

The fans are sure the four will share their partial view someday and hope their co-work will raise more attention to the problems considering legalization in the USA and worldwide.

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