Positive aspects of growing marijuana at home

Positive aspects of growing marijuana at home

Most of the cannabis smoking people have their pot at different time, whether they are on a party with friends or just when they need to take a rest or to reduce stress at the end of a hard day.

Eventually it’s boring and irritating feeling when you have to go to the local dealer because your weed always running out fast.

If other people are growing own marijuana, why you can’t do the same? Just try and in two month you don’t have to look for a quality product.

There’s five reasons why you need your own harvest:

Expenses – Usual plant gives an ounce of the product. And a special halogen lamp will help you to grow about six plants in two month. And smoking such quantity in two months is enough even for a hardcore smokers. Now just think about the price of these six ounces you are buying on the street, the difference is palpable.

Strains & Flavors – There are variety of marijuana strains with its own characteristics and flavors. The most difficult thing in growing pot indoors is to decide what strain to grow. An easiest way to choose is to grow a few stains of cannabis and when the crop is harvested to choose the best flavor.

Community growing marijuana indoor help you to get acquainted with other growers and you’ll see them coming out of the shadow because many of them keep these skills in a secret. A beginner in this field is always welcome.

Sharing – Almost everyone knows how much weed they need per day. If there any remains of marijuana before the next harvest, don’t be a cheapskate and share some with friends. Your friends will be grateful even for a small piece of good and expensive marijuana.

Pride of a grower –When the first crop is harvested immediately come the desire to plant new seeds, or to experiment and try new or strongest cannabis strains. And new eight-ten week project and its results lead you to the fact that it’s worth it.

It can be difficult to grow cannabis at home, especially if you live in a city. In this case, basement or other secluded place will be useful to grow your cannabis there. Another serious obstacle to its growing is very strong smell cannabis has. To solve this problem, plant geraniums near the marijuana; its active odor helps to get rid of marijuana smell.

The last one important fact about cannabis growing process is the use of power. If you start to use a 1000 – watt lamp it will immediately becomes noticeable in local power plant. Better to keep growing your electricity usage up to one 1000-watt lamp and local power plant won’t see any changes. Also read tips about energy saving LED lamps usage.

Of course there is some risk in growing cannabis indoors, but if you follow to a few smart advises written here, in the end you will have your own homemade marijuana. So be creative and keep your hobby in silence and just in two months a plenty of nice marijuana will raise your spirits.

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