Percolator Bong Is the Best Type of Bong

Percolator Bong Is the Best Type of Bong

This bong has probably raised a lot of questions in your mind, like what the term “percolator” actually means, and whether it is really as good as people say. Let us try to find out.

What is a percolator?

If to be exact, a percolator is a device for your bong to cool down the smoke. A percolator bong is a smoking device that literally cleans your smoke before it gets into your throat and lungs. First, the smoke travels down into the water, then exits it to re-enter it again, this time, in the percolator. The principle of the percolator’s work is to break the marijuana smoke into small pieces that are easier to clean compared to the smoke in the regular water bongs.

Is the high from a percolator different?

There is no doubt that percolator is an effective device for cooling down the smoke. The main aim of a percolator bong is to make the created smoke a lot easier for a stoner to draw in. Compare a percolator bong and a water bong yourself, and you will understand the difference. The more important question here is whether the percolator can affect your high or not. Some marijuana enthusiasts believe that percolators increase the THC intake, though in fact this statement is incorrect. Compared to a normal bong, a percolator bong does not make you more high. A significant amount of THC is lost in percolator bongs because of the extra chamber. But it is not a reason for fear. The impact is so minimal that it makes no influence on your high. Many people claim that a percolator bong gives a much smoother toke, and that is the reason for choosing it among all the variety of bongs for weed.

Want to cool the smoke even more? Use a percolator with a diffuser

A diffuser is a tool for making the smoke from a percolator bong even cooler. This device goes right into the shaft, where you smoke the weed. At the end of the diffuser, you will find a lot of small holes. Before the smoke meets the water, it is pulled out through all those openings. Because of diffusing, or the breaking of the smoke into tiny parts, a bigger surface area of smoke reaches the water. It guarantees a perfectly filtered toke.

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