Pay Less, Get More. How to Save Money on Weed

Pay Less, Get More. How to Save Money on Weed

Try Something New

Try Something New

There are numerous ways of weed consumption, do not stop on only one. Some of them are more efficient than the others. For example, one of the most beneficial ways of cannabis consumption are vaporizers. They use the most suitable temperature to burn 100 percent of the plant. That is why you can use less marijuana and enjoy the process to the fullest.

One of the most recent trends in the cannabis community is dabbing. Dabbing is way cheaper than making a roll, for example, as it requires less weed and gives you the effects that cannot be compared to any other common devices. However, you should smoke it with caution as smoking oils and marijuana concentrates provides a high level of THC and can be harmful to your body if not used appropriately.

Are you trying to save your marijuana stock for a long period? Use one-hitters. They are small pipes that can be packed with only one hit of marijuana. It is a fair amount of plant to make you high for one time, and it is very comfortable to carry around.

The last essential rule of how to consume less weed and thus save some money is to stop yourself when you are already high. Just put the bong down, drop the joint, stop smoking. There is only a set amount of THC that your body can process at a time—the rest of it will be just a waste of resources. Save it for next time.


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