Oregon Marijuana Laws

Oregon Marijuana Laws

The rules and regulations of the cannabis industry in Oregon were accepted almost a month ago, but people still continue to ask questions. Finally, the temporary Oregon marijuana legalization rules that were set to expire on June 28, 2016, are replaced with the permanent ones that will affect all members of the pot industry as well as the new applicants and people who hope to enter the industry.

Changes in the law

Originally, retail employees were the only ones who were required to hold a work permit. Today, Oregon pot laws require all employees to have a worker permit to work in a marijuana-affiliated business. So it is not just about the retail location, it is more large-scale. It concerns not only those people who physically handle the products. The new regulations also involve people who participate in recording and verification of the documents about possessing and selling weed. All employees on the mandatory basis have to pass an online test, submit to a background check, and pay a $100 fee for the permit. More than that, the permit has to be renewed every five years. For more information, you may visit the state website. But that is not all. The new Oregon laws made the state the most accessible place for entrepreneurs and investors that want to enter the cannabis industry.

The new law does not require people to be the residents of the state for at least two years before they can apply for a marijuana business license. From now on, all of the outside residents and entrepreneurs are free to invest and open marijuana businesses. Even non-citizens can now be involved in the pot business in Oregon. There are also new licenses for micro-wholesalers that can be described as Tier I or Tier II. The maximum canopy sizes are 625 and 1,250 square feet accordingly for indoor marijuana growing. For outdoor production, it is 2,500 square feet for Tier I and 5,000 square feet for Tier II micro-grow. These new rules are quite attractive for those who are looking for a slow entrance into the pot industry. So, as you can see, Oregon’s cannabis laws have a few very critical changes, and  you should know them all if you are in any way involved in the pot business.

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