Oregon dispensaries adapt to recreational market rules

Oregon dispensaries adapt to recreational market rules

The Oregon officials recently released their proposed rules of recreational marijuana’s sales at Oregon marijuana dispensaries. It seems to be less stressful for existing dispensaries to adapt to the new order of sales. Moreover, most of the stores will be able to use their current point-of-sale system to keep track of sales.

Preliminary requirements for dispensaries

According to the Oregon officials’ release, there are 5 preliminary requirements for state dispensaries. In order to sell recreational cannabis they need to follow the next rules:

    • to document all sales;

    • to control an amount of cannabis sold to a single customer per day;

    • to hang posters with warnings about an effect of marijuana on pregnant women;

    • to hang posters on preventing cannabis poisoning;

    • to hand out special information cards with every single recreational purchase.

These requirements are not permanent and they may be changed in the future. The rules will be probably finalized until the second half of September. The legal sales of recreational marijuana will be officially started on October 1.

Common problems for Oregon dispensaries

The main problem for all Oregon regulated cannabis dispensaries is an absence of common customers control scheme. The current rules do not require a high-level tracking for dispensaries’ customers, so there are not so many ways to control the factual amount of sold medical marijuana.

Each customer can buy only up to one quarter of an ounce of recreational marijuana per day in a single store. There is also a limit for cannabis flowers and seeds. For now, the only way to make sure the customer will not exceed the limit is to check customer’s driver’s license information for every purchase.

On the other hand, there is a problem with local allowance for early recreational cannabis’ sales to start on October 1. The recreational weed market will be probably broken up into some little areas. There are at least 11 different cities and five more counties, including Ontario and Nyssa, which have banned all commercial recreational sales.

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