One-Hitter Pipe—One of the Best Ways to Smoke Weed

One-Hitter Pipe—One of the Best Ways to Smoke Weed

You are a great marijuana enthusiast, but prefer enjoying the process on you own in a private atmosphere? Then you should find discrete ways of consuming marijuana. To tell the truth, the best way to hide your passion is to choose the right method of marijuana use along with proper weed accessories. This is not an encouragement as smoking weed discretely in the states where it is still illegal may have bad consequences. This article is primarily for people or patients who are the residents of marijuana-free states and simply want to leave their friends in ignorance of their marijuana consumption.


If you are already an experienced marijuana smoker, then you should know how to smoke weed from a pipe or a one-hitter. This marijuana accessory has been a golden classic of on-the-go smoking. The best thing about a one-hitter is its compactness, as it is so convenient to put a pipe in the pocket and go wherever you want to enjoy it. A one-hitter is like your lovely pet: loyal and always by your side.


This method is as easy as it is sweet. No one will suspect that the delicious cupcake you are eating so greedily is marijuana-infused. The reason is that in most cases, cannabis is associated with smoking. By the way, edibles can become a great way to quit smoking. Though, edibles have one significant disadvantage: while other ways of marijuana consumption affect your mind away immediately, edibles need some time to start acting. Nevertheless, perfect time planning can solve this problem and turn it into an absolute advantage for you.

Portable herb vaporizers

Modern producers of vapes make them of the same form as e-cigarettes, so it is almost impossible to differentiate them. More than that, these devices are extremely easy in use, and you do not need to carry lighters or worry about the size of your pocket. Vaporizers are rechargeable, take a minimum of space, and are easy to carry around. Just fill the vape with cannabis oil, tell people that it is a usual nicotine-based mixture, and enjoy the high!

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