Ohio will vote for marijuana legalization on November 3

Ohio will vote for marijuana legalization on November 3

Ohioans will get a chance to legalize cannabis for personal and medical use. According to Jon Husted Ohio Secretary of State the Marijuana Legalization Amendment is going to be voted this fall, on November 3.

Cannabis legalization gets high signature rate

The Marijuana Legalization Amendment was released by ResponsibleOhio group. This group developed the initiative and worked on collecting the needed amount of signatures. Curiously, this proposal received an unusually high signature rate, but only for invalid signatures. The ResponsibleOhio group collected about 700,000 signatures for the initiative.

Because of such a high level of invalid signatures, at the beginning the group did not collect the needed amount of valid signatures. They needed to submit over 30,000 valid signatures in order to put the document before voters. Since during last month they added about 95,000 additional signatures, the initiative was approved for the upcoming ballot.

Amendment details

The amendment is going to legalize cannabis not only for medical use but for recreational use too. According to the document, there will be a number of special terms for marijuana usage:

    • To get access to medical marijuana they will need a prescription;
    • Only adults who are 21 years old or older can purchase marijuana products;

    • Non-medical cannabis users can possess only up to one ounce of cannabis;

    • To grow marijuana for personal use Ohioans will need to get a cultivation license;

    • Growing cannabis at home for recreational use will be limited to four flowering plants.

There are also special requirements for marijuana sellers in the amendment.

If Ohioans vote positively for this initiative, Ohio will become a fifth state with legalized marijuana, after Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington, D.C. In contrast to these states, Ohio is going to give adults over age 21 free access to both, medical and recreational cannabis. Moreover, Ohio officials are going to limit the amount of marijuana farms at the local market up to 10. This decision has been already criticized by the local cannabis community as a possible way that may lead to a baseless increase in prices.

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