Ohio Weed Laws: Unfortunate Reality

Ohio Weed Laws: Unfortunate Reality

Ohio weed legal framework took effect earlier this month. Unfortunately, since then, things have become even more complicated. Ohio, the latest state to adopt a medical marijuana program, is now dealing with many issues, from delays in its implementation to potential scams. The confluence of such problems threatens to create difficulties for the patients across Ohio to obtain medical marijuana.

Delay of program implementation

Let us remind you that on Sept. 8, 2016, the new law allowed the residents of Ohio to use cannabis as a treatment for different diseases. However, it still does not mean that they can obtain the medicine. Observers believe that it could take years before the patients will get free access to the legal substance. What is the reason for that? Well, the state still has not determined how the residents of the state can purchase, distribute or grow marijuana. Until marijuana laws are clarified, patients have no right to grow cannabis plants in their homes. More than that, until that time, the issue of buying medical marijuana will also be left in the dark. By the way, if anyone decides to transport cannabis across the state line, they will be punished for a federal crime. The only good thing that marijuana patients have is “affirmative defense” against prosecution. To get medical marijuana, the patients of Ohio must have a prescription from the doctor, fit one and more of almost 20 medical conditions qualifying marijuana use, and receive affirmation that the physician has explained to the patient all the pros and cons of medical marijuana use.

Schemes and scams

Taking into account that cannabis remains difficult to obtain in Ohio, scams are widely spread across the state, promising patients a shortcut to get their medicine. Some schemes offer to hook up patients with those physicians in the state who are more loyal to writing notes for affirmative defense. Others promise to provide customers with a possibility to get weed in Michigan and make a trip back to Ohio. Although such solutions have many challenges, people are likely to use them, as no one is sure when the state will finally become marijuana-free.

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