Ohio Marijuana Vote Brings Little Satisfaction to Consumers

Ohio Marijuana Vote Brings Little Satisfaction to Consumers

The dream to legalize Ohio residents’ medical marijuana consumption has come true, though they are still unable to get the product, and that will be the case for at least a year, more likely for two years. Ohio’s medical marijuana law provides protection to its consumers as long as they have a recommendation from a licensed physician. However, the majority of Ohio patients are unable to get the required approval for the treatment from a doctor. For them, getting medical marijuana legally is still impossible in the state. On Sept. 8, the Ohio pot legalization law was passed, but the program is not still written. The regulations on growing, possessing, prescribing, and selling medical marijuana are expected to be implemented by sometime next year.

Who can use medical marijuana in Ohio?

Patients who suffer from qualifying health conditions like AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and others are allowed to use medical marijuana legally. Yet, no one can tell where patients can get medical pot. There are neither marijuana dispensaries nor testing facilities in the state. Additionally, the law does not clearly explain what might happen to a patient if they obtain medical marijuana from another state, where weed is legal, like Colorado or Michigan. The only thing we know is that such actions can be considered as violating the federal law. The Ohioans that use medical marijuana now have to get it illegally.

According to the law, Ohio patients can possess weed and the related paraphernalia without the risk of being subject to criminal prosecution as long as they have permission from a physician. The doctor has to verify that the relationship between them and the medical marijuana patient exists; also, there needs to be proof that all the pros and cons of cannabis consumption were explained to the patient. Since pot has been legal in Ohio for over two months now, most physicians are waiting for fixed regulations. As of now, the state’s police officers will arrest those who possess weed unless a doctor’s approval is provided. Ohio employers also have to decide how to handle employees that use medical marijuana.

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