Ohio Legal Weed Program

Ohio Legal Weed Program

Although new marijuana laws were officially adopted in Ohio on Thursday, this does not mean much for patients who need weed legalization immediately. In fact, there are no dispensaries in the state, and they are not expected to appear for another two years. This situation puts the residents of the state in a tough position: they either have to wait for Ohio weed legalization laws to come into effect or to be engaged in a dangerous practice of transporting weed over from a legal state. When last year Governor John Kasich put his signature on the bill that made weed legal in Ohio, it came with a provision that permitted the patients of the Buckeye State to receive medical marijuana products from the state where weed is legal, like Michigan.

Marijuana program of the state

While marijuana is legal for medical use in both states—Ohio and Michigan—traveling across the states with any amount of weed in your bag is considered to be a violation of the federal law. What does it mean? Any Ohio patient who decides to get medical marijuana from a dispensary in Michigan stands a high risk of being punished for federal drug trafficking once they pass the border of Ohio state—a crime that comes with a penalty of up to five years of imprisonment and fines that reach $200,000, even for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

Ohio patients also have an issue of growing weed at home to contend with.

Unlike the majority of medical marijuana states, Ohio’s law does not suppose that patients will have the freedom to cultivate their own medical plants. Therefore, even if someone had a recommendation for medical marijuana use, growing cannabis plants would still be considered a criminal offense. Here is the question that may arise in your head: “What rights do Ohio residents actually have?”. The laws allow the state’s medical marijuana patients with approximately 20 specific health conditions to use different marijuana products, including oils, edibles, tinctures, and vapors. Smoking marijuana is a crime. State officials are not expected to launch the medical marijuana program of the state until 2018. Until that time, the patients are under a big risk.

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