Odd Effect of Weed Legalization in Colorado: More Adults Than Kids Have Started to Smoke Marijuana

Odd Effect of Weed Legalization in Colorado: More Adults Than Kids Have Started to Smoke Marijuana

When weed was legalized in Colorado in 2012, the government assumed that the number of kids addicted to marijuana would extremely rise. It was a great surprise when the reports revealed that cannabis had become more popular among adults. Nonsense, right? The older demographics do not depend on someone’s opinions and influences, unlike kids, who want to act and even look like their favorite celebrities who smoke weed.

According to the reports and different surveys, these days, marijuana is more enjoyed by the parents of kids and their siblings. Unlike other states of America, Colorado has surprised everyone with the fact that after recreational marijuana law was approved in 2012, the number of kids smoking cannabis decreased. The research was based on the state’s information and statistics on all conducted arrests, including those for marijuana use.  The surveys clearly state that the rate of middle school and high school students that were caught smoking weed significantly dropped in the years after the legalization.

The law concerns only the people of legal age—21 and above. Anyone who will be caught smoking marijuana under the legal age is still going to be punished, and it will certainly appear in their individual government records. As for the penalties, the Colorado’s official website claims that they may range from paying a fine up to spending time in jail. Both schools and universities have the right to expel a student if they were caught using marijuana or selling it to someone else on the territory of the school/university. But there is still the question of why kids do not smoke cannabis more after marijuana was legalized in Colorado.

There is no report that can explain or at least give the right direction to revealing the reason behind this phenomenon, but dualism seems to play a significant role in this case. What does it mean? Oh, it is simple: any restriction breeds rebellion and desire to try the forbidden fruit, while freedom gives the person a chance for obedience.

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