Obama Kush: Smoking Weed For Pain Relief And Good Mood

Obama Kush: Smoking Weed For Pain Relief And Good Mood

Many of us know how hard it is to work from 9 to 5 every day, especially when your boss and colleagues leave much to be desired. The indica strains we will talk about, such as Obama marijuana, can relieve your tension and make you feel lethargic and relaxed. Do not deny that you want that, so just kick off your shoes after a long working day and let those indica strains help you.

Obama Kush

This presidential marijuana is the best example of an indica strain. Smokers say that it is definitely the most effective cure for stress and insomnia. From the medical point, Obama Kush has anti-stress and anti-anxiety qualities, relieving even the most severe pain. To distinguish it from other strains, just remember that an Obama strain looks like a fluffy green ball with an orange coat. Besides, it has a pungent and sweet smell with a hint of pine. This strain has a 21% THC level, that is why the effects will last for more than two hours! Right from the first inhalation, you will feel its tender impact: all the worries will go away, and there will be just you and Obama Kush. You will also feel a sudden rush of creativity, so do not be surprised if you find yourself drawn to an old guitar that has been around for years.

White Rhino

This strain is a mix of White Widow and North America Indica. If you have ever tasted them, then you know what a divine strain White Rhino may be. It has also become one of the favorites because of a relatively high level of THC, which provides fast relief from any pain, including headaches. Just like Obama Kush, this strain has a sweet flavor that contrasts its earthy aroma. And to tell the truth, its sweet flavor is better than anything else at reducing stress after working over time.

Granddaddy Purple

Stress usually causes the loss of appetite, and that is when Granddaddy Purple comes in. Besides, this indica strain has two advantages: firstly, it contains a high level of THC, and secondly, it never causes anxiety or paranoia. Together with the increase of appetite, Granddaddy Purple provides mental and physical relaxation—two birds are killed with one stone.

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