North Korea Attracts Tourists With Cheap Legal Cannabis

North Korea Attracts Tourists With Cheap Legal Cannabis

Did you know that North Korea allows free cultivation, use, and sale of cannabis? Although many other substances remain illegal, every month, hundreds of Chinese tourists visit the country to buy weed in bulk shipments. Marijuana, also known as yeoksam, is classified as an oilseed crop and is absolutely legal in North Korea.

China, the country’s neighbor, still prohibits both cultivation and use of cannabis. However, industrial hemp is allowed for using in different commercial companies that specialize in fields like textile manufacturing and rope-making. Many Chinese entrepreneurs often travel to North Korea’s Rason Special Economic Trade Zone, a controlled area where they buy cannabis for reduced prices. Thus, one kilo (2.2 lbs.) of the herb can be purchased for about 30 yuan ($4.30) and then sold for 500 yuan ($72) per kilogram to Chinese citizens.

North Korea has been known for its tolerant outlook on marijuana for decades. Kim Il Sung, the country’s former supreme leader, legalized cannabis cultivation to cover the lack of cooking oil in the early 1980s. The plant has occupied vast areas of the country since then. Cannabis is considered to be an ordinary plant by North Koreans, so many of them are even unaware that weed remains illegal in many countries abroad.

However, cannabis is not a priority for the Korean government and is surely not treated as an illegal substance. It is sometimes even sold abroad to earn foreign currency.

Although cannabis use is not a problem in North Korea, the country faces serious issues with other illicit drugs. Drug trafficking and rampant substance abuse have been the main challenges of the nation for years.

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