North Carolina Marijuana Laws

North Carolina Marijuana Laws

Have you heard the term “decriminalized” when referring to cannabis in North Carolina? Do you know its meaning? Well, it surely does not mean that marijuana is absolutely legal in the state, because if it were so, then you would probably know about that, right? More than that, it does not mean that each resident of the state has the right to go around selling and consuming marijuana, but instead, North Carolina marijuana “decriminalization” comes with several stipulations. Keep reading the article to find out what that word means when talking about marijuana laws in North Carolina.   

North Carolina marijuana laws

If you visit the website, you will find North Carolina in the list of states where marijuana is completely decriminalized, which means there is no prison time or criminal record for the first-time offense connected with marijuana possession in a small amount. It is treated like a minor violation. However, for possessions of large amounts of weed with an intent to sell, the person faces charges for committing a crime. In North California, marijuana is still classified as Schedule VI drug. Take into account that all the penalties listed below apply only to first-time offenders. So, if you were caught in the past, your penalties will differ a lot. Besides, NC medical marijuana use is allowed only for treating debilitating epileptic conditions.

Marijuana possession in North Carolina

If you possess 0.5 ounces of marijuana or less, then it is a Class III misdemeanor that leads to community punishment and a maximum fine of $200. Any imposed imprisonment should be suspended in this case and replaced by community punishment. Possession of up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana is a Class I misdemeanor and is punished by community service together with a discretionary fine for the first-time offense.

Marijuana possession with an intent to sell: penalties

Possession with an intent to sell less than 10 pounds of weed is considered a Class I misdemeanor that is punished with community work and a fine that is set by the court. Possession of up to 50 pounds of weed is Class H felony punishable by a maximum of 39 months of jail-time.

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